Anyone can get into promotion these days. The internet allows for easy access and visibility. However, promoting the right things at the right time? This is a skill that takes experience. Planning and writing the right things on your Facebook/Twitter page can help you gain momentum or sink.

When/How to use your megaphone?



Artists and

KSWD-FM (The Sound) - Los Angeles, CA
Facebook, Twitter and writing promos/liners.

Jacobs Media - Detroit, MI
Over 100 small, medium and large market radio stations across the United States.

WWCD-FM (CD101) - Columbus, OH
Clients ranged from major record labels, Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Bud Light to local Columbus businesses.

K-Rock - New York, New York
Promoted the Howard Stern Show and WXRK-FM.

Interscope Records - New York City
Research and promotinal strategy for artists such as U2, No Doubt, 50 Cent, Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit.

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